We Offer Batteries for all Electrical MHE Brands.
• Complete Range of Lithium Ion Batteries.
• Motive & Traction Power Batteries.
• Network Power Batteries.
• Fast Charging / Maintenance Free Batteries
• Battery Chargers


No Topping Up

Labor and service cost reduction
Virtually maintenance free

No Waste and Improper Use

Real working autonomy in hours / minutes
Usage operating condition knowledge

Double Shift Without Battery Change

Up to 160% of C5 per day
More energy available with same capacity

No Charging Room

No waste of space
Ideal in sensitive areas (Food, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

Easy To Use

Always charge in the natural breaks
Zero battery change & free of charge APP

Fast Charging

Ready and operative 24 hours
Fulfill unexpected working duties


Atib is one of the top battery charger manufacturers in Italy and KK Power
International is the authorized distributor of Atib.
ATIB is one of the renowned supplier of battery chargers for forklift,
cleaning machines, scissor lifts and electrical vehicles OEMs Applications
for automotive, stationary and solar market.
• Standard Chargers line
• HF line
• Dc/Dc Converters
• Special KIT for charger service